BBG Week 4

I’m not gonna sugar coat it.. I #failed this week

Like epically failed lol

The day i skipped 😦

I was able to do the exercises on Monday and Wednesday but I skipped Friday (and never got around to making it up). My gym was also closed this week so I couldn’t get in a good resistance workout. Plus, lets not forget the biggest culprit behind my epic fail… Christmas!!! I LOVE the holidays, but this year was rough. I lost the battle between self control and overindulgence.

Christmas dinner… Christmas parties… Christmas afterparties… Just sitting around drinking wine and eating chocolate cake with friends… yeah not a good look for my fitness goal.

On the bright side, tomorrow is Monday and the gym will be open all week until New Year’s so plan on getting in all my exercises and resistance training before the madness of New Year’s Eve (and the inevitable hangover on New Year’s day lol)


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