Healthy Food Options in Lagos Pt. 2

A couple of months have gone by and I’m happy to report that I’ve discovered even more healthy food options in the city of Lagos!

First on the list…

Photo courtesy of Sweet Kiwi

Sweet Kiwi (

Honeydew froyo with fruit toppings and a wafer straw

Frozen yogurt has been one of my favorite desserts for years. I love that it’s lower in calories than ice cream and that it has probiotics which are great for your gut health. When I was in the US, a quick trip to either Pinkberry or Menchie’s would satisfy my cravings, but when I came to Lagos, I couldn’t find a place that served it. Then I stumbled across Sweet Kiwi one day.

It was a hot and humid afternoon. There was traffic on both sides of Admirality Road in Lekkki Phase 1 (I absolutely HATE getting stuck here) and I decided that I’d had enough of sitting in the car and drove into the parking lot of what I thought what a sweets shop. When I walked in, I couldn’t believe it was actually a frozen yogurt shop! I forgot all about the traffic and heat outside and started testing out the flavors. I settled on honeydew melon flavored fro-yo topped with kiwi and blueberries. They rotate their flavors and I’ve tried them all, but honeydew will forever be my favorite. The staff is really helpful and the atmosphere is pretty chill. However on weekends get ready for a crowd of kids and their parents. If you want to enjoy your froyo in peace and solitude, I’d recommend coming in during the week.

Majik Juice (

Forever Young” Smoothie

I discovered this Company first on Instagram then was recommended by a friend to stop by their shop. So post workout one day (I can remember it was leg day… I struggled to walk up the stairs to the shop), I dropped in to try out one of their smoothies. I ended up ordering a smoothie and a wrap to go. I ordered the Forever Young smoothie and it was hands down one of the best I’ve ever had. It was so refreshing! Did I mention it was a spinach wrap? Yes! A spinach wrap in Lagos! I absolutely love them and I’ve yet to find any other establishment that has spinach wraps here so this was a big deal to me. I’ve been back twice already in one week!

They also stock Questbars (also the only place I’ve seen them stocked in Lagos), chia seeds, flax seeds, and protein powder all at much affordable prices than I’ve seen at most grocery stores.

Photo courtesy of Oh So Nutrition

Oh So Nutrition (

I’ve been following this Company on Instagram for ages but somehow never got a chance to order from them. Luckily last weekend, a friend of mine picked up a couple of their nut mylks and invited me over to try some. If you follow me on Instagram, you’ll know that I’m slowly trying to transition into a vegan lifestyle and that means no animal products of any kind, including milk.

Photo courtesty of Oh So Nutrition

I’m already familiar with almond milk but wanted to try some of the other kinds of nut milks. I had the Kunnu Aya (from tiger nuts.. which apparently aren’t even nuts.. they’re root vegetables) and the Cacao Cashew Nut Mylk. These nut mylks were surprisingly tasty (I was expecting the worst). I even had some with my cereal. Most importantly, they didn’t give me a stomach ache like I would usually have with regular cow’s milk. They also offer smoothies, juices, granola, raw cheesecakes (yum!), and raw energy balls.

Guilt Free Kitchen (IG:@guiltfreekitchenng)


Another great Company found through Instagram! Notice a pattern lol? This Company makes delicious 100% all natural granola. My order came with raisins but I believe you can substitute for seeds or chocolate chips. I add it to yogurt and also just eat it as a snack sometimes. The owner is also extremely nice and does a pretty speedy delivery, considering it ships from the UK.


I’m already researching more healthy spots for part 3! If you’re in Lagos, Nigeria check these places out! If you know somebody in Lagos, tell them about these places. If you’ve been to any healthy spots here, that you think I should try, feel free to comment and let me know. I’m always up to try new places

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    It gladdens my heart to see that the Lagos food scene has evolved this much. This is super awesome.

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  2. Well done. I am impressed with how the Lagos food scene has evolved.


    1. Thanks! I’m also impressed with the health foods scene in Lagos. It’s come a long way.


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