After much deliberation, I decided to restart the BBG program along with thousands of other ladies because even though I had made it to week six (half way to the end of BBG 1) I was really struggling with completing the circuits.

No joke.. the last workout of week six I barely made it through 1x on both circuits and I was sweating and shaking so badly. When I looked forward at what was coming up for week 7 I was like “nawww son” 

But I didn’t want to just totally give up on the program. The BBG community has been so helpful and supportive these last couple of weeks I felt that not only would I be letting myself down, but I’d be letting down so many of the wonderful women that have motivated me even at my lowest points.

So because the #kaylamovement was starting, I made the decision to restart instead of quitting. It might seem like a step back to some, but honestly I’ve never stuck with a program for this long. Not one. Six weeks isn’t a long time, but I usually get bored of doing the same repetitive movements. Since BBG is always changing I’m definitely not bored. Just a bit week and sore at the moment lol.

I also did not do any pre training, which Kayla recommends to do. I would advise anyone thinking of starting BBG to do the pre training. JUST DO IT. You might think it’s too easy, but once you start the program for real, you’ll be glad because you’ll be stronger and will be able to get through more circuits.

Since it’s #transformationtuesday, I would still like to share my progress photos from week 1 – week 6:


Definitely some great improvements in the reduction of the size of my stomach (i sometimes wonder, was my stomach really that big? did i really look like that? how did i let myself go so much?). I’m really happy with the results so far.. Also, it might be hard to tell in the pictures (sorry for the bad lighting in week 1) but my hips and thighs have also shrunk as well.

The only area I haven’t seen a huge change is in my arms. My arms are the weakest part of my body and on arm days, the circuits are almost impossible to get through. So I decided to add some resistance training to hopefully strenghten and tone them.

I found what I think is a great guide on Popsugar’s Fitness website:


It’s a 21 day guide. Looks simple enough. No crazy moves or anything so I will be incorporating this along with my BBG workouts. Will post some progress pictures after 21 days. Wish me luck!!


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  1. I feel you! Kayla’s program ended up being a bit too strict for me (I live in the mountains for a reason, ha), but I LOVE the community aspect! What’s your Instagram name? I’m @semisweettooth and would love to follow your progress!

    xo, Jessica

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    1. Yes! The workouts can get super intense and you feel like you’re dying. The community is awesome! I love how everyone is from all over the world but we can all relate to the program and achieving our fitness goals. My instagram is @coffeeandcrunches_bbg. I’ll add you now.

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  2. Fed says:

    Good luck! 🙂


  3. Underwaterlotus says:

    What a change in only 6 weeks!! Well done! I’m following her program too but I started wth the pre-traing for 4 weeks and now I’m in week 3. I’m a little scared for next weeks now after reading this post 😉
    Good luck!
    I’ll follow you too in IG (mine is @sharontje1986)

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    1. Thank you! Don’t be scared. I think you’ll be alright because you did the pre training. I was pretty out of shape when I started and slacked off during Xmas and New Years so it was in my best interest to restart and I think I did the right thing. I’m getting through the circuits more times than the first time around. It’s still really hard, but the BBG community is super motivating. There’s really no shame in modifying the exercises or restarting when you have to. Just don’t quit! You can do it! Will follow you on IG.

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  4. Wow that’s a great difference between week 1 and 6, you are such an inspiration. Well done.

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    1. Thanks! I really appreciate that.


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