Travel Noire – Grand Luxxe, Riviera Maya


Yesterday was Boxing Day, and I spent it with some of my oldest family friends. We drank champagne, discussed politics, and reminisced about our favorite vacation spent at the Grande Luxxe Residences in Riviera Maya, Mexico.

For one glorious week in September 2015, we all had the time of our lives there.

Part of the Vidanta Groupwhich also has resorts in Nuevo Vallarta, Acapulco, and Mazatlan to name a few, the Grand Luxxe Residence Club is part of a massive resort located about 30 minutes from Cancun in the Riviera Maya region of Mexico

THIS MAP of the resort really helped me when I went.. and yes they even have Cirque du Soleil there!!!

Because the resort was so large, our preferred method of transport were the golf carts

They see me rollin… They hatin 😀
Grand Luxxe Residence Lobby Entrance

At check in, each guest was fitted with a wristband that identified what level of guest they were. For example my friends and I were at the Grand Luxxe level. What that meant was that we had unrestricted use of ALL pools, gyms, restaurants and amenities at the resort. Grand Luxxe members even had their own private pool. Just steps away from the beach.

To put it into comparison, guests that were at the Grand Mayan level couldn’t swim in our pool or eat at our restaurants but we could swim and eat at theirs.

I know that may seem kinda harsh, but honestly I enjoyed that aspect because when the main pool was overcrowded, we could go to our Grand Luxxe pool where it was always less crowded. Regardless of the wristbands, there are so many options for each level of guest to choose from that I don’t think it makes too much of a difference. Regardless of ones budget we all got to experience and explore the same resort.

I also discovered that alot of the resorts in the Riviera Maya region were structured this way.

The wristband also served as our room key, our wallet (it is a cash less resort), and our security ID.

POSTED A SHORT VIDEO OF OUR BALCONY. All the Grand Luxxe residence rooms have a plunge pool on their balconies. Perfect for cooling off after a long humid day

Once we were checked in we were guided to our rooms by our conceirge (*Vidanta does an AMAZING job training their staff whom are mostly all multi lingual). We were able to book pretty much everything with our conceirge. Spa treatments, excursions, you name it.

My main goal on this trip was to RELAX. So of course I headed to the pool as soon as I could.

Walkway to the Grand Luxxe Pool 🏊🏽
Cheeseburger (and truffle fries) in Paradise
My excuse… It’s always 5 o’clock somewhere
Cozy little spot not far from the pool

Now we didn’t spend all our time at the pool… Although I would have been totally fine with that. We booked an all day excursion that took us to a cenote, basically a natural sinkhole where a cave ceilling has collapsed and we also visited the Mayan ruins of Chichén Itzá deep in the Yucatán Peninsula​.

Inside the cenote
At Chichen Itza
Mayan Ruins
We got so burnt that day

After spending 7 days at the Grand Luxxe, you’d think that I would have been bored and ready to head home. But I didn’t want to leave! I sheduled my flight as late as I possibly could to get one last dip in the pool, one last spa treatment, one last overindulgent binge at the buffet lol

If you’re thinking about a place to visit in the new year, i HIGHLY recommend this place! As a first time visitor to Mexico, it completely changed my outlook on the country. I bought Spanish books and dvd’s in order to teach myself the language so that the next time I visit (always put your hopes and dreams in the affermative) I’ll be able to communicate better with the native speakers.

Check out the Vidanta Group website here to book YOUR trip

Check out the reviews of the resort on tripadvisor here




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  1. Wow you are such an adventurous person to visit Mexico. It’s surprising to see you had much fun, Mexico scares me from afar due to the drug and crime label, but with your blog, i will put it on my ‘To Visit’ list for the nearest future. Did you fly from Lagos?


    1. Yeah Mexico doesn’t have the best reputation, but it’s honestly a very beautiful country with very nice people. We made sure that we stayed at a very secure resort and we always had an escort when we went off the property, just as a precaution but I never felt like I was in any danger. I flew direct from New York to Cancun, but there are a lot of flights from Europe direct to Mexico

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  2. That’s nice. Will keep that in mind.


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