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When I started this journey, I didn’t want to do the same old boring routine of gym, gym, gym, repeat. Despite my lack of muscle tone lol, I know my way around the gym quite well. But I wanted to try something different because what usually happens is that every time I start working out at the gym; I’m good for about a week, maybe two weeks tops. I do weight training for about an hour. Hit all the muscle groups. Then I move onto cardio. A typical round of cardio for me at the gym would be about 30 minutes walking/running on the treadmill at varying speeds and inclines. Then I’d get on the elliptical machine for another 30 minutes. Then finally, I’d cool down on the bike for 30 minutes.

So that’s 90 minutes of cardio and 60 minutes of weights. I should look like a supermodel right? Well, I guess if I was consistent and stuck to this regime for more than just a week, I could be giving Joan Smalls and Jourdan Dunn a run for their money (ha-ha, please note that I have an extremely sarcastic sense of humor. Ain’t no way I could compete with those ladies).

But my goal isn’t to weigh 90 pounds and stalk down the catwalk.

#1 I’m wayyy too short. 5’4. Sometimes I lie and say 5’5

#2 and most important – I just want to be healthy and comfortable in my own body.

For me, being healthy means being physically fit (i.e. toned and well conditioned). It also means eating right. I picked up A LOT of bad habits in college: eating late at night, drinking late at night, drinking way too much coffee during the day, and just generally not exercising. Like none at all. Cardio for me then was putting on some 6 inch heels and dancing the night away, which is actually good cardio, but then when you get home at 4 am and dive into a greasy meat lovers pizza or an MSG rich Chinese takeaway, you’re really negating any positive effect from the dancing. And don’t get me started on what we ate the morning after… 2 words: UNLIMITED MIMOSAS. Plus an all you can eat brunch and I was well on my way to gaining 30 lbs during those years at college.

Once I moved back home (side note: I went to college in America, but moved back home to Nigeria once I left), the bad habits stuck with me. I wasn’t eating Chipotle, McDonalds, or guzzling down Venti caramel frappuccinos (sadly we don’t have any of that fatty goodness here) I was eating fried plantains, yams, and more white rice than any person in their right mind should. Plus if you know anything about Nigerian culture, when we go to events like weddings, parties, etc… there are these tasty treats called small chops. They’re basically an assortment of fried goodies (spring rolls, samosas, plantains, meat, fish, and my personal favorite puff puff aka deep fried dough balls).

So regardless of how much or little I worked out, I kept on gaining weight. Sometimes I would lose 10 lbs but it would come right back because I would never be consistent with my eating or exercise.

About a month ago, I was online Instagram stalking someone lol, and I came across a girl raving about BBG. The girl in question had some before and after pictures on her account that I thought were definitely photo shopped. I rolled my eyes, but I was intrigued. As I scrolled through her comments I saw other girls talking about BBG. Then I saw the hashtags… #BBG #BBGGirls #BBGCommunity #BBGMoms #BBGsOver30. So I googled BBG because whatever these girls were on, I wanted it.


BBG means Bikini Body Guide and its founder, or I guess creator is named KaylaItsines. At first glance she’s a tiny girl from Australia who just seems to be blessed with good genes. However, I watched her videos of her BBG Meet Up groups and I was like, “Damnnnn! This tiny chick is strong!” And what I liked about her the most was that she didn’t have huge muscles or “look like a man.” No offence to some other female trainers, but some tend to be a bit too muscular in my opinion. I looked at so many of her #BBGGirls that my eyes started to ache. I scrutinized the exercises… The BBG program is a set of exercises designed to be done over 30 minutes 3 times a week. On the other 3 days, you can choose a LISS (low intensity steady state) workout like walking or cycling or a HIIT (high intensity interval training) workout and then you rest on Sundays. It is currently divided into 2 rounds: Round 1 – Weeks 1 -12 and Round 2 – Weeks 13 – 24.
Now aside from the amazing transformation pictures I saw, I liked that exercises kept things new and interesting. You’d do arms and legs one day then abs the next then a full body workout on the final day. It didn’t seem boring or repetitive like what I used to do at the gym. Another plus is as you move up each week, the exercises change and get harder. Right then and there, I decided I’m going to give this a shot. Why not? I didn’t have anything to lose. I signed up for Weeks 1 – 12.  I did 2 weeks of pre training because I wasn’t in the best shape. I am currently on Week 2 and can honestly say this workout kicks my ass on a daily basis. It’s only 3 times a week but I’m super sore on the days I don’t do it, but I know that soreness means I’m working the right muscles and although I haven’t seen any major change, I feel so much better. Like I have more energy. Plus online, I get so much support, words of encouragement and tips about workouts and food from the amazing community of girls on the program. I’m so happy I started it.

I’ll keep updating my progress it each week. What the exercises were like, how I felt afterwards, any improvements in my strength and once I start seeing some major changes I will post pictures of those as well.

Check out Kayla’s BBG Guides here

Check out her Sweat With Kayla APP here


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